Eat Healthy at El Pueblito

El Pueblito serves fresh and healthy Mexican food all day, everyday!

  • Our fajitas are prepared with lean cuts of beef, and trimmed of all excess fat
  • We prepare our food fresh daily and fry with cholesterol free and trans fat free, pure vegetable oil.
  • Our food has no MSG
  • All our chicken plates use white meat (not skin), fat trimmed off by hand
  • All out ground beef is cooked in water and the fat is skimmed off and eliminated from the meat before seasoning.
  • Our refried beans are prepared by us with no lard (only vegetable oil)
  • Our chips are prepared by us, fresh every morning with no added salt
  • All our plates are made with the freshest ingredients available,
  • El Pueblito is proud to serve gluten free food.